JournaLab was started on April 1, 2011 by Matt Terenzio to showcase experiments in digital journalism (both elegant and ugly hacks), and to explore the rebooted system of news in the internet age.

Matt is currently working on solutions for Facebook’s Instant Articles and distributed content systems.

He recently built an open-source Node/MongoDB based content system called Fission with help from the Knight Foundation Prototype Fund.

His project FollowThis was a finalist at 2012 SXSW Startup Accelerator.

warholMatt Terenzio has formerly worked as a web developer for news organizations like Digital First Media, Tribune Corporation, and  The Hour .

He was atechnical advisor to Jay Rosen and NYU’s Studio 20 on The Citizens Agenda project, in partnership with The Guardian and Digital First Media.

He was the creator of Localeaks, a secure anonymous tip box for 1400 news organizations. The project arose out of the CUNY Entrepreneurial Journalism program with Jeff Jarvis and Jeremy Caplan.

In 2006, he founded BuddyBuilder a micro-blogging system that worked using Instant Messengers and RSS. In 2012, he sold BuddyBuilder.com.

Matt contributed his work related to IM and RSS to O’Reilly Media’s popular book PHP Hacks.


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